Field Bred Golden Retriever Puppies

Big Horn Retriever's breed working field pups who have tons of desire, good looking, grow into sound & strong retrievers. Our goldens are highly trainable & tractable with great personalities. They are a hoot!!!
Our golden retrievers are a precious part of our family so the puppies get a lot of love, socialization, training as a group & individually from the time they are born, as they grow until they leave. 
Big Horn Retriever puppies have their first vet visit at Day 2 for check up & dew claws removed, early neurological stimulation from
Day 3 to Day 16.  As they grow they are introduced to different sounds, birds, water and socialize with our big dogs. They get their first vaccinations at 6 weeks and worming 5 & 6 weeks. We work with the puppies on their crate training & "sit" command. Our puppies come with AKC Registration form, Written Health Guarantee covering their hips, elbows, heart & eyes of genetic defects.
Big Horn Retriever field puppies are registered with the prefix Big Horn.  All pups are sold with limited registration.   We offer lifetime breeder support.
Registration means the dog is registered with AKC but puppies produced from that dog are NOT eligible for registration.  If a puppy buyer has plans for breeding, breeding criterias need to be met. Clearances on hips, elbows, heart & eyes need to be obtained before breeding.
We are not selling puppies as breeding stock or guaranteeing it as breeding prospect.



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