Field Bred Golden Retrievers

Big Horn Retrievers mission is to keep the breed clean and we only raise field bred goldens. Our field goldens have the same prettiness or handsome faces as a conformation dog but Big Horn Retriever field goldens are not just a pretty face, but working dogs. They are awesome hunters & love the water. They do have considerably shorter hair and can be trained for competition, hunt tests, an all around working class, as service-therapy dogs, search & rescue and of course it's a given, they are your loyal obedient family member who loves to lay & chill with you or up for any road trip or activity. Our Adults are All NCL Clear.

Big Horn Retriever field golden puppies start their life with health clearances on the parents- Hips, elbows, heart, & eyes. Granted all these clearances do not guarantee 100% but it gives the owner some peace of mind their puppy has a good clean start. Our field bred golden puppies go through the early neurological exercises at age 3 days to 16 days. Our field pups are born in our house so we can handle and socialize with them as a group and individually on a daily basis. Plus they bring lots of joy watching them grow.  Our field  golden  puppies have very wonderful traits & hilarious personalities, born to retrieve. One main characteristic we like in our goldens is they are very biddable and easy to train, even to the amateur trainer, to be well mannered canine citizens.  Big Horn Retriever field puppies grow into beautiful companions who are highly trainable & tractable, excel in any job they are trained to do, eager to please & very devoted with tons of desire. Both males & females are solid, athletic with beautiful heads.  Big Horn Retriever field goldens are quality hunting dogs who are competitive, love to swim, ride ATV's, excel in any activity or just happy to be your truck buddy and loves to just snuggle beside you & be Family.

Our puppies are coast to coast across the US in WY, MT, CO, ID, WA, AZ, TX, NV, FL, UT, WI, IN, ME, MS, MN, SD, and Canada.

Hello and thank you for visiting our site. Big Horn Retrievers is a small breeder....we breed only 1 to 3 litters a year. Gary & I have had the love of goldens most of our lives.  We love to bird hunt and a field golden or two or three have always been our hunting partners. We initially started breeding to keep a hunting buddy around but because Goldens, like any canine, are not all created equal.  We look for certain characteristics, coats, & personalities. We want calm & obedient but manageable high test when it warrants.  Our family has grown and each brings us a lot of  laughs and great joy. Please enjoy our photos.  Thank you and have a Golden day!!




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