Our Photos
Rebel & Parker.  Rebel proud of his find.

Breezy & son

Gary had made this wagon for our granddaughter when she was a toddler & now she is now a grown woman.
The last few years we have been using it as a puppy wagon! They ALL love riding in it.

Big Horn Benelli's First Round   "Elli"

A "Golden" Christmas

The cabin..or Doggie Boot Camp....Our heaven on earth


Baby Elli


Baby Chase

Big Horn Benelli's First Round - Elli

Razr and Cali

Little Callie 9wks old water retrieving- video on our FB page

Cali along for the elk hunt

Sage and daughter baby Hattie

Little Callie 5 mos old - first blue grouse hunt

Precious Cargo

My Beautiful Mia 

Razr and son Deke 



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