Our Photos
Rebel & Parker.  Rebel proud of his find.

Breezy & son

Gary had made this wagon for our granddaughter when she was a toddler & now she is a grown woman.
The last few years we have been using it as a puppy wagon! They ALL love riding in it.

Big Horn Benelli's First Round   "Elli"

The cabin..or Doggie Boot Camp....Our heaven on earth


Baby Elli

Baby Chase

Big Horn Benelli's First Round - Elli

Razr and Cali

Little Callie 9wks old water retrieving- video on our FB page

Cali along for the elk hunt

Sage and daughter baby Hattie

Little Callie 5 mos old - first blue grouse hunt

Precious Cargo

My Beautiful Mia 

Razr and son Deke 



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